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The Gospel According to the Apostles

 By: John MacArthur
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Ever since the days of the apostles Christians have struggled to define the proper relationship between faith and works. Salvation, according to Paul, is “not by works, so that no one can boast.” But James argues that “faith without works is dead.” In his characteristic, compelling style MacArthur reconciles these two seemingly divergent threads of biblical truth.ISBN: 0785271805

A Chance to Die
 By: Elisabeth Elliot
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This biography of Amy Carmichael stands as one of the most provocative and moving accounts of her life. Written by Elizabeth Elliot, this book is both enriching and stimulating to all who desire to live faithfully and bring glory to God. It includes many of her poems and prayers.ISBN: 0800730895

A Faith to Grow On
 By: John MacArthur
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Updated with an edgy, new design, this inspiring devotional from John MacArthur will help children through their growth spurts of faith. After children have come to accept Christ, a whole new series of questions can flood their hearts and minds. What should I do when I don't understand God? Is there a special way to pray? What if I tell someone about Jesus and nothing happens? MacArthur takes these and many more complex questions and presents them in a simple style that young minds can easily understand. He reinforces that understanding with Prayer Starters and daily prompts that help kids to apply their newfound wisdom to their lives each day. A helpful guide for young believers, "A Faith to Grow On" presents foundational doctrines of the Christian faith in short devotional readings for daily growth. Finally, a systematic theology designed for kids! ISBN: 1400304423

A History of Christian Theology
 By: William Placher
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William Placher has chronicled the whole history of Christian theology, from its background in the history of Israel to the various modes of liberation theology in the late 20th century. Moreover, this book has touched almost all of the important bases and has dealt with significant figures, is sues and movements in an incisive and illuminating manner. This intellectual history, a story of people and their ideas, is a delight to read, and could be widely used in colleges, seminaries, and even by lay institutes or study groups.ISBN: 0664244963

A History of the Baptists
 By: Robert Torbet
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An essential standard reference work detailing the history of Baptists around the world. ISBN: 0817000747

A Model of Christian Maturity
 By: D.A. Carson

According to Bible scholar D.A. Carson in this commentary on 2 Corinthians 10-13, the text most clearly reveals Paul's heart and mind. It contains well-known passages, such as Paul's description of his thorn in the flesh and an intense chronicle of his specific sufferings. This section of Scripture also models Paul's style of spiritual leadership and warns of false leadership in the church, something of crucial importance to anyone with an influential role in the body of believers. Through Paul you can explore the struggles, opportunities, and intentions of a Christian under fire, and journey with him as he seeks to guide the Corinthian church in the right direction. Thus, by his words and Carson's exposition, you can be impacted to change and help the church today also. 192 pp. Softcover. ISBN: 9780801067686

A Mom After God's Own Heart
10 Ways to Love Your Children
 By: Elizabeth George

The author gives practical advice and realistic suggestions for helping your children incorporate God into their daily life. You'll explore how to teach kids about the Bible, train them in God's ways, talk to them about Jesus, and pray with and for them as you make God's desires for your family your own.ISBN: 0736915729

A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith
 By: Robert L. Reymond

A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith is a passionate, well-written defense of the historical faith of the Reformed church, as well as a cogent and easily understood look at the issues that shaped and are shaping Christianity. And while Reymond is strongly Reformed, he is not afraid to go against traditional Reformed teaching where he feels it contradicts what the Bible clearly says. The Bible is, and always should be, the final authority on all theological matters, according to Reymond, and we must be willing to let it transform us instead of conforming it to our theology or philosophy.

Reymond examines all the major theological issues. The first part of his theology looks at the authority and inspiration of the Bible. Part two looks at the attributes of God and God's relationship with humanity. Part three focuses on God's eternal plan of salvation and how it has been accomplished. The fourth part covers the founding, development, growth and spread of the church and its government. The fifth, and last, part is, appropriately, about the last things (eschatology). Reymond also includes several appendices dealing with: modern Christologies, the New Testament Antilegomena, the historicity of the conversion of Paul, Anselm's satisfaction view of the atonement, the five points of Calvinism, whom does the man in Romans 7:14-25 represent, and a selected general theological bibliography. Indexes are referenced by Old and New Testament, people, and subjects.

Overall, Reymond's A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith is a powerful and dynamic systematic theology, relying first and foremost on the Bible to answer all questions, and then looking to the foundations and tradition of the Reformed faith. Destined to become the de facto textbook to teach Reformed systematic theology, this book is a valuable asset to any library, particularly a Reformed library. ISBN: 0849913179

A Promise Kept
The Story of Unforgettable Love
 By: Robertson McQuilkin

A compelling true tale of love and devotion as a husband cares for his ill wife. He shares the story of their struggles and the remarkable lessons they have learned together about God's love. This book will challenge husband & wife concerning commitment and what it means to abide together "in sickness and in health. . ." ISBN: 0842350993

A Wife After God's Own Heart
12 Things That Really Matter in Your Marriage
 By: Elizabeth George

Discover what it means to be your husband's "helper" and what submission is (and isn't), and how you can nurture joy in your home with your family. This is a powerful resource for all who desire to become godly wives-and reap the long-lasting rewards.ISBN: 0736911677

A Woman's Call to Prayer
Making Your Desire to Pray a Reality
 By: Elizabeth George

Carpools and Cub Scouts, work schedules and ill-tempered washing machines---often, these concerns prevent you from spending meaningful time alone with God. Elizabeth George reveals the 10 main obstacles to prayer and how to overcome them, explains the "how" and "when" of talking to God, and teaches you how to pray from your heart. ISBN: 0736911545

Above All Earthly Pow'rs
Christ in the Postmodern World
 By: David F. Wells

Wells issues a stinging attack on modern evangelicalism, which he says has succumbed to Western culture's relativism, individualism, and therapeutic approach to life. His work culminates in a critique of the way churches market themselves as palatable to consumption-oriented postmoderns---at the expense of gospel truth. A prophetic call combining in-depth cultural analysis and serious theology.ISBN: 0802829023

Age of Opportunity
 By: Paul Tripp

Within the church, the teen years are the age at which many of our children begin to fade away from a hungering after righteousness. Paul David Tripp has written a significant book to help Christian parents deal with the difficulties of parenting teens. It is a good, practical reminder of how to relate to and communicate with our young people. —Bill Shannon (Pastor of Children’s Ministries, Grace Community Church) ISBN: 0875526055

Amusing Ourselves to Death
Public Discourse in the Age of Showbusiness
 By: Neil Postman

From the author of Teaching as a Subversive Activity comes a sustained, withering and thought-provoking attack on television and what it is doing to us. Postman's theme is the decline of the printed word and the ascendancy of the "tube" with its tendency to present everythingmurder, mayhem, politics, weatheras entertainment. The ultimate effect, as Postman sees it, is the shrivelling of public discourse as TV degrades our conception of what constitutes news, political debate, art, even religious thought. Early chapters trace America's one-time love affair with the printed word, from colonial pamphlets to the publication of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. There's a biting analysis of TV commercials as a form of "instant therapy" based on the assumption that human problems are easily solvable. Postman goes further than other critics in demonstrating that television represents a hostile attack on literate culture. ISBN: 0413404404

An Introduction to the Old Testament Pentateuch
Updated Edition
 By: Herbert Wolf
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The first five books of the Bible, known as the Pentateuch, are filled with adventure and upheaval. They contain the records of God’s people and reveal God’s character and His requirements for their relationship with Him. Wolf first addresses the overarching themes that flow through the Pentateuch, with special attention given to Moses as the author. He then addresses each book specifically, covering topics such as purpose, scope, and literary structure. Ideal for layreaders, students, and scholars alike. 334 pp. Hardcover. ISBN: 9780802441560

Backgrounds of Early Christianity
 By: Everett Ferguson

Long serving as a standard introduction to the world of the early church, Backgrounds of Early Christianity by Everett Ferguson, this work provides helpful information such as the Roman, Greek, and Jewish political, social, religious, and philosophical backgrounds necessary for a good historical understanding of the New Testament and the early church. Author also provides information or discussion on the first-century social life, of Gnosticism, and of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other Jewish literature. Every pastor or SS teachers ought to invest in such a book for personal study.  ISBN: 0802822215

Baptism : The Believer's First Obedience
 By: Larry Dyer

Dr. Larry E. Dyer examines Scripture to answer not only some basic questions concerning baptism, but also some of the more contested issues, including: infant baptism, modes of baptism, Spirit baptism, and whether baptism is a sacrament or symbol. This guidebook will help prepare thos e who plan to be baptized or provide a blueprint for those who simply want to understand this subject better.ISBN: 0825424976

Baptism in the New Testament
 By: George R. Beasley-Murray

    This enduring study of Christian baptism by G. R. Beasley-Murray presents a critical defense of the doctrine of believer’s baptism on the basis of the New Testament evidence.
    The author first discusses the various rites that precede Christian baptism historically, then analyzes the relationship between these earlier rites and baptism. Form the antecedents – OT ritual washings, Jewish proselyte baptism, the lustrations practiced at Qumran, and the baptism of john the Baptist- Beasley-Murray proceeds to the foundation of Christian baptism in the career f Jesus, its emergence as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles, and its development n the NT epistolary literature. 
    Throughout this work, the author continually focuses on the necessity of baptism and its relationship to grace, faith, the Spirit, the church, ethics and hope. He also presents a careful, well-balanced examinations of the rise and significance of infant baptism – one of the most debated elements in the doctrine of baptism today.  ISBN: 080281493X

Baptist Successionism
A Critical View
 By: W. Morgan Peterson

The doctrine that modern-day Baptist churches stand in a direct line of succession from New Testament times is subjected to severe scrutiny in this book.  The origin of the view is traced to its source, and the circumstances accounting for its popularity are described.  Although the belief was widespread among nineteenth-century Baptists and is still often cited today, the author demonstrates that it rests largely on insecure footing of books written long ago by unscholarly, careless, or even biased historians.

In the process of exposing the unsoundness of the successionist position this book also provides an excellent discussion of the marks of valid and reliable historical research, especially in the field of church history, which will be helpful to the reader in evaluating other texts and source books to which he may be exposed.  ISBN: 817004203

Baptist Successionism
A Crucial Question in Baptist History
 By: James Edward McGoldrick

McGoldrick critques revisionist's claim of Baptist successionism (aka Landmarkism). Classic example of such works is JM Carroll's Trail of Blood (which is essentially a crystalized documentation of Landmarkism) whose supposed history claims to be able to trace Baptist lineage back to the Church in Jerusalem.  The author relies on historical reseach and data to show that the ancestry claimed by Carroll and others alike are not reliable nor tenable. Debunks those who affirmed Landmarkism as well as Spiritual Kinship theory.  ISBN: 0810827263

Baptist Ways
A History
 By: Bill. J. Leonard

This extensive resource traces significant aspects of Baptist history from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries. It surveys basic beliefs, events, and experiences evident in Baptist communities. Leonard explores the effect of the Baptist identity on not just America, but on the world, and includes the emergence of English, British, Irish, and Caribbean Baptists, to name a few. Also skillfully covered is the influence of the Baptist faith in the United States, including the development of African American Baptists and the numerous denominations that emerged in the twentieth century. ISBN: 0817012311

Basic Bible Interpretation
 By: Roy Zuck

Zuck’s book is a good introductory or beginning text for anyone starting to study hermeneutics. Clearly written in a very accessible style—with plenty of illustrations—Zuck covers all the basics and provides several helpful lists and charts.ISBN: 0781438772

Basic Christianity
 By: John R. W. Stott

This is a brief but helpful guide to what Christianity and salvation is all about. Stott begins with the doctrine of Christ then moves to man and his sin. Once establishing the need for a savior and Christ’s sufficient work, he calls for a response to the Savior. ISBN: 0802811892

Basic Theology
 By: Charles C Ryrie

This is the same faithful systematic theology text, but now published by Moody Press. Ryrie has his usual down-to-earth presentation of deep theological matters; the outline is simple and easy to follow. It’s not as exhaustive as other works but makes a nice resource for the general reader. ISBN: 0802427340

Be Still My Soul
 By: Elisabeth Elliot

Elizabeth Elliot uses the title of one of her favorite hymns to introduce you to this inspiring collection of her reflections on what Christian living is all about.ISBN: 0800759893

Be Ye Holy
The Call to Christian Separation
 By: Fred Mortiz

This provocative work outlines what the Word of God teaches about holiness. It discusses the biblical words for holiness and carefully examines the major scriptural passages that bear on the separation debate.ISBN: 0-89084-737-1

Beautiful in God's Eyes
The Treasures of the Proverbs 31 Woman
 By: Elizabeth George

Physical beauty is something you're born with---but it's only temporary. Spiritual beauty is something you learn---and it lasts forever! In this insightful and practical guide, George examines the Proverbs 31 woman, showing you how to achieve your goals, manage daily life, tap into unlimited energy, and apply God's principles to relationships.ISBN: 0736915389

Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church
Understanding a Movement and Its Implications
 By: D.A. Carson

The "emerging church" movement has generated a large amount of excitement and currently exerts an astonishingly broad influence within contemporary churches. Is it the wave of the future or a passing fancy? Who are the leaders and what are they saying? These questions signal that the time has come for a mature assessment by a respected Christian scholar. In Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church, D. A. Carson gives both a perceptive introduction to the emerging church movement for those who may be unfamiliar with it, as well as a skillful assessment of its theological views. Carson addresses some troubling weaknesses of the movement frankly and thoughtfully, while at the same time, recognizing that it has important things to say to the rest of Christianity. Carson's treatment shows how we must not only interact with a fast-changing culture, but also how we must have our vision and practice of ministry shaped by biblical theology with Scripture as our norm.ISBN: 0310259479

Behold the King
 By: Stanley Toussaint

This renowned work on the New Testament book of Matthew is not simply a verse-by-verse commentary, but a careful study of the thematic purpose and flow of thought therein. Bible students, teachers, and pastors will appreciate the historical-grammatical hermeneutic applied to the Greek text, though Greek proficiency is not required to benefit from this work. Toussaint writes from a dispensational and premillennial perspective, while tracing through and developing from the Gospel, the twin themes of God’s eternal kingdom and Jesus as the King of Jews and Christians alike. 400p Softcover. ISBN: 0825438454

Biblical Authority or Biblical Tyranny?
 By: L. William Countryman

How is the Bible authoritative for faith and doctrine? What does it mean to say it's inspired? infallible? the Word of God? ''Offers worthwhile reflection, challenge, and/or growth to anyone in a pastoral or teaching ministry,''---Theology Today. 125 pages, softcover.ISBN: 1563380854

Biblical Foundations for Baptist Churches
A Contemporary Ecclesiology
 By: John S. Hammett
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Contemporary Baptist churches take a pragmatic approach to church life. Many are concerned with being relevant to the culture and ultimately growing at a steady rate. While these issues are certainly legitimate, they also create a danger that these churches will be shaped more by these extrabiblical goals than by the biblical mandate of God. Utilizing the Scriptures, theology, and Baptist history, this comprehensive work addresses all aspects of the church- both theological and practical.  Helpful book on Baptist ecclesiology. ISBN: 9780825427695

Biblical Separation
The Stuggle for a Pure Church
 By: Ernest D. Pickering

Dr Pickering, former preident of Central Baptist Theological Seminary, MN and director fo Baptist World Missions, wrote this classic textbook regarding the issue of separation. Helpful for those who seek an understanding of the subject matter.  ISBN: 0872270696

Breaking the Da Vinci Code
Answers to the Questions Everybody's Asking
 By: Darrell L. Bock & Francis J. Moloney

Darrell Bock’s research uncovers the origins of these codes by focusing on the 325 years immediately following the birth of Christ, for the claims of "The Da Vinci Code" rise or fall on the basis of things emerging from this period. "Breaking the Da Vinci Code" distinguishes fictitious entertainment from historical elements of the Christian faith. For by seeing these differences, one can break the Da Vinci code. Ultimately, though, there is another code lurking behind the pages of this novel. Most readers of the novel have no idea that this other code is there. In fact, Bock didn’t notice it at first himself. Breaking the Da Vinci code, though, will lead readers to discover why this novel has become something of a public phenomenon and why the issues it raises are worthy of careful study and reflection. ISBN: 0785260463

Brothers, We Are Not Professionals
A Plea to Pastors for Radical Ministry
 By: John Piper

“We pastors are being killed by the professionalizing of the pastoral ministry... Professionalism has nothing to do with the essence and heart of the Christian ministry. The more professional we long to be, the more spiritual death we will leave in our wake.” (excerpt, p. 1). ISBN: 0805426205

Building a Bridge to the 18th Century
How the Past Can Improve Our Future
 By: Neil Postman

     "The problem with the world today," says Neil Postman, "is that we've become so caught up in hurtling towards the future that we've lost our societal "narrative," a humane cultural tradition that creates "a sense of purpose and continuity"--in other words, something to believe in. "In order to have an agreeable encounter with the twenty-first century," he asserts, "we will have to take into it some good ideas. And in order to do that, we need to look back to take stock of the good ideas available to us." He finds rich source material in the Enlightenment, the salad days for philosophers such as Goethe, Voltaire, Diderot, Paine, and Jefferson, "the beginnings of much that is worthwhile about the modern world." Yet Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century is a call for cultural progress, not regression: "I am not suggesting that we become the eighteenth century," Postman notes, "only that we use it for what it is worth and all it is worth."
     Chief among the values Postman cites is the development of the intellect; it plays a part in many of his recommendations, from the cultivation of a healthy skepticism towards overhyped technology to sweeping educational reforms that include replacing grammar instruction with logic and rhetoric and introducing courses on comparative religion and the history of science. He also lashes out at postmodernists who start with the premise that language "is a major factor in producing our perceptions, judgments, knowledge, and institutions" and conclude that language is therefore tenuously connected to reality at best. Enlightenment thinkers knew that language molded perception, he notes, but they also believed that "it is possible to use language to say things about the world that are true" and "to communicate ideas to oneself and to others." Postman is excessively curmudgeonly at times, as in his reference to philosopher Jean Baudrillard as "a Frenchman, of all things," or his remarks on the ancient Athenians: "I know they are the classic example of Dead White Males, but we should probably listen to them anyway." But for anybody with a stake in the culture wars, or who wants to apply the lessons of philosophy to the modern world, Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century will make for provocative reading. ISBN: 0375701273

By His Grace And For His Glory
A Historical, Theological and Practical Study of the Doctrines of Grace in Baptist Life
 By: Thomas J. Nettles

This revised and expanded 20th Anniversary Edition contains two new chapters in the section on Historical Evidence. Since its initial publication in 1986, the issues engaged have become more visible, more widely embraced by church members, pastors, denominational servants, more controversial and ardently opposed by some, and the subject of many discussion groups in churches and a variety of denominational settings. The attention focused on the doctrines of grace is good; it is healthy to give intense thought to issues of God's holiness, His sovereignty, and His efficacious and infinitely wise design in the justification of sinners under the curse of His Law. ISBN: 0971336199

Tom Nettles is a graduate of Mississippi College (BA) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv and PhD). He is widely regarded as one of the foremost Baptist historical theologians in America. He previously taught at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, Tennessee and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, where he was Professor of Church History and Chair of the Department of Church History. Since 1997 he has served as Professor of Historical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Canon of Scripture
 By: F.F. Bruce
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In this significant study by Bruce, a lifetime of biblical interpretation is brought to bear regarding the issue of canonicity Today's attack from liberal scholars pertains to which form or which sections of biblical texts are canonical. We have been challenged and must commit to the unifying principle of the canon. ISBN: 083081258X

Chafer's Systematic Theology
 By: Lewis Sperry Chafer

Lewis Sperry Chafer's complete and unabridged Systematic Theology is warm, practical, often devotional, and entirely Christ-centered. Chafer's work is a detailed discussion of the dispensational premillennial system of theology. This 4-volume edition contains the complete text and indexes of the original 8-volume set.ISBN: 0825423406

Charismatic Challenge
 By: John Napier

This book is one of the better ones that addresses the issues of charismatic and Pentecostal teaching on sign gifts. Four topics are covered: the biblical evidence for cessationism, God’s allowance of contemporary manifestations, the effects of these manifestations on believers, and the rapid growth of charismatic churches. ISBN: 1881576620

Charismatic Chaos
 By: John MacArthur

One of the best books dealing with Charismatic issues, MacArthur has provided the body of Christ with a biblical response to the contemporary debate over spiritual gifts, the health and wealth gospel, the faith movement, miracles, healing, and prophecy in the church. Teaching with sound hermeneutics, MacArthur lays down Scripture’s view. ISBN: 0310575729

Christian Living in the Home
 By: Jay E. Adams

Building a strong family is a challenge in the best of times.How much more when marriage is being redefined, biblical approaches to discipline are under constant fire, and "family values" is more a campaign slogan than a personal priority of elected officials.  The family is in trouble today. Stable homes have become a quaint anomaly, rather than the norm. To check the erosion of the home and family as the basic unit of society, Jay Adams calls us to a careful understanding and application of scriptural principles.  Christians will find this volume full of practical, biblical advice on Christ-centered family living, communicating with family members, family guidance and discipline, living with an unbelieving spouse, and many other areas.ISBN: 0875520162

Christian Theology
 By: Millard J. Erickson

This is the second edition of the classic work by a recognized Reformed Baptist Theologian. The new edition is a slight revision and includes addition material on postmodernity. Erickson can be philosophical at times, but his exegetical theology is often helpful. Readable for Christians. ISBN: 0801021820

Christianity and Liberalism
 By: J. Gresham Machen

This book, written in response to the liberalism which arose in the early 1900's, is a classic defense of orthodox Christianity. To expose the fallacies of liberalism and strengthen the orthodox position, Dr. Machen establishes the importance of scriptural doctrine and contrasts the teachings of liberalism and orthodoxy on God and man, the Bible, Christ, salvation, and the church. These issues remain in conflict today, testifying to the continuing relevance of this important work.ISBN: 0802811213

Christianity Through the Centuries
 By: Earle E. Cairns

This third edition of Christianity Through The Centuries brings the reader up-to-date by discussing events and developments in the church into the 1990's. This edition has been redesigned with new typography and greatly improved graphics to increase clarity, accessibility, and usefulness. New chapters examine recent trends and developments (expanding the last section from 2 chapters to 5).  From a conservative viewpoint for the student/advanced lay person. Contains an index, end notes, and suggestions for further reading. Earle E. Cairns, professor emeritus of Wheaton College, is a graduate of Presbyterian Theological Seminary at Omaha (Th.B.) and the University of Nebraska (Ph.D.). He is a member of the American Society of Church History, the American Historical Association, and the Conference on Faith and History. He taught at Wheaton for thirty-five years and was department chairman for much of that time. He was consulting editor for the New International Dictionary of the Christian Church.ISBN: 0310208122

City on a Hill
Reclaiming the Biblical Pattern for the Church in the 21st Century
 By: Philip Graham Ryken
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We are now living in post-Christian times, when Christianity no longer is the prevailing influence on the mind and heart of our culture. But we cannot compromise. More than ever before, it is imperative that Christians understand and embrace the biblical pattern for the church. Philip Graham Ryken knows that the changing face of America makes the need for the church to remain steadfast even more important. 'City on a Hill' will provide readers with a deeper understanding of how to live for Christ in the twenty-first century: go back to the model set out in the first century. Sure to be an encouragement and challenge to anyone concerned about the effectiveness of the church today. 212 pp. Softcover.

The Key To Prophetic Revelation
 By: John F. Walvoord

John Walvoord looks at Daniel with modern information at his disposal in areas such as archaeology and ancient background and customs. Walvoord tackles supposed historical inaccuracies and difficult to interpret phrases. In order to help the reader get a complete view of Daniel, Walvoord quotes from several different scholars from all areas of theological persuasion to help you understand the Scripture for yourself. ISBN: 0802417531

Daniel's Prophecy of the 70 Weeks
 By: Alva J. McClain

McClain deals specifically on the last week of Daniel's prophecy. Dispensational in perspective and really, puts everything in right order. Small volume but of immense value.  ISBN: 0310290112

Desiring God
 By: John Piper

Few contemporary works find a permanent place on my bookshelf. John Piper’s Desiring God is a significant exception. Piper’s message is as profound as his style is engaging. His soul-stirring celebration of the pleasures of knowing God is a must-read for every Christian—and a feast for the spiritually hungry. —John MacArthur (Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church) ISBN: 1590521196

Dining with the Devil
The Megachurch Movement Flirts With Modernity
 By: Os Guinness

This book is a critical review of the Contemporary Church Growth movement but largely centers on the folly of copying the world's modus operandi. Pragmatism is the philosophy that drives the selling of product to the 'client.' Chrisians will benefit from this reading as it lays the groundwork for understanding the danger of pragmatism as a means of doing God's minsitry.  0801038553

Disciplines of a Godly Family
 By: Kent & Barbara Hughes

Drawing from the experience of their large family and the foundation of God’s Word, Kent and Barbara Hughes provide this excellent guide to raising children and cultivating a godly family life. The major topics they cover include family affections and traditions, the disciplines of Bible study, prayer, and a family ministry, and the appropriate discipline of children. In addition, they place an emphasis on teaching children good manners and pursuing the excellencies of this world. 256 pp. Softcover.ISBN: 9781581349412


Disciplines of a Godly Man
 By: R. Kent Hughes

This inspiring, popular book has been speaking to the hearts of men for the past 10 years, and its words are still relevant. Using engaging illustrations, scriptural wisdom, practical suggestions, and study questions, Hughes offers a frank biblical discussion on major areas of Christian manhood. ISBN: 1581342861

 By: Charles C Ryrie

Dispensationalism continues to provoke heated debate within the Christian world. Highly acclaimed theologian Dr. Charles C. Ryrie addresses this crucial issue from the perspective of classic dispensationalism. He confronts the views of covenant theology historical premillennialism, ultradispensationalism, and, in this revised edition, the increasingly popular progressive dispensationalism. 224p Softcover. ISBN: 0802421873

Doctrine & Administration of the Church
 By: Paul R. Jackson

This book is written in an interestng and comfortable style, and it covers all phases of the local Baptist assembly: its organisation, governent, ministry, doctrine, outreach and practical problems.  Pastors, churches, schools and individuals interested in the establishment and minsitry of Biblical churches will receive the information and assistance they need to carry on the Lord's work. "Akin to Hiscox's Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches albeit modern form." - Pastor Alvin Lam. Published by Regular Baptist Press. ISBN: 0872270130.

Don't Make Me Count to Three
A Mom's Look at Heart-Oriented Discipline
 By: Ginger Plowman
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Do you find yourself threatening, repeating your instructions, or raising your voice in an attempt to get your children to obey? Are you discouraged because it seems you just can't reach the heart of your child? Through personal experience and the practical application of Scripture, Ginger Plowman encourages and equips moms to reach past the outward behavior of their children and dive deeply into the issues of the heart. With wit and tact Ginger steers mothers away from the “survival mode” that is so easy to fall into and reminds them of the great calling they have. “Don’t Make Me Count to Three!” is full of practical advice and biblical encouragement to do more than just survive another day with the kids. ISBN: 9780972304641

Don’t Waste Your Life
 By: John Piper

Do you lead a passionate life for Christ? John Piper warns to not get caught up in trivial matters and let life slip by without making it count for Christ. He says, “God created us to live with a single passion: to joyfully display His supreme excellence in all spheres of life.”ISBN: 1581344988

Equality in Christ?
Galatians 3:28 and the Gender Dispute
 By: Richard Hove

The debate over the roles of men and women is raging within society--and the church. In the midst of this heated debate stands Galatians 3:28, "... you are all one in Christ Jesus," frequently cited as one of the critical texts regarding gender roles. In this thorough examination of the lexical, syntactical and contextual issues of Galatians 3:28, Richard Hove provides an important work that will help clarify this controversial text and move all concerned Christians toward establishing a biblical theology of manhood and womanhood.ISBN: 1581341032

Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth
 By: Wayne Grudem

Dr. Wayne Grudem refutes over a hundred arguments by evangelical feminists who argue for interchangeable male and female roles in the home and church. He also provides a scholarly and skillful defense for the complementarian viewpoint and demonstrates unequivocally God’s divine role and relationships between men and women. As John Piper says, “After the Bible, I cannot imagine a more useful book for finding reliable help in understanding God’s will for manhood and womanhood in the church and the home.” 864p Softcover.ISBN: 157673840X

Exegetical Fallacies
 By: D.A. Carson

Starting with a primer on exegesis, this work is designed for ministers and Sunday school teachers. Its aim is to show how the Bible has been interpreted in various historical epochs, the role of language as related to God’s revelation, and how the grammatical-historical method of interpretation should be applied. Encouraging readers to be more discerning and discriminating in their elucidation of Scripture, Carson exposes improper techniques of biblical interpretation. He groups exegetical errors into categories of word study, grammar, and logic, refuting common misconceptions in a straightforward and accessible style. A working knowledge of Greek and Hebrew is helpful but not necessary. ISBN: 0801020867

Facts on the King James Only Debate
 By: John Ankerberg, John Weldon

Is the King James Bible the most accurate version? Readers will discover what texts the King James Version's translators used, what they said about their work, how the King James Version compares to other modern translations, and more.ISBN: 0736911111

Faith & Reason
Searching for a Rational Faith
 By: Ronald H. Nash

Christians should not have an inferiority complex regarding the academic or intellectual integrity of their faith and should understand that Christian faith is also a rational faith. This book has two major purposes. First, it is designed to introduce readers to the more important questions that link philosophy and religion. It explores philosophical questions that most people in English-speaking nations should find significant. Second, it offers answers to these questions--at least to most of them. This book is written to serve as a text book in colleges and seminaries in courses concerned with philosophical questions. It is also written for pastors, Christian workers, and educated laypeople who want to know how to defend the Christian faith. This book includes discussion questions. ISBN: 0310294010

Faith Alone
The Evangelical Doctrine of Justification
 By: R.C. Sproul

Concerned that evangelicals seem uncertain about salvation, Sproul offers this clarifying work. He dissects the doctrine for today's Christians and explains why "justification is by faith, through grace, alone." His response to the recent affirmation, "Evangelicals and Roman Catholics together," draws the limits of interchurch dialogue while recognizing mutual goals. A thought-provoking book. ISBN: 080105849X

Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die
 By: John Piper

Why did Jesus Christ die an agonizing death? Who was responsible for his death? These and 48 other reasons why he died are herein answered to supply you or your unsaved friends with a clear picture of God’s love and salvation for mankind. *Previously titled 'The Passion of Jesus Christ.' 128 pp. Softcover. ISBN: 158134788X

Fit Bodies, Fat Minds
Why Evangelicals Don't Think and What to Do About It
 By: Os Guinness

Anti-intellectualism has become the scandal of evangelicalism. Over the course of two hundred years, it has gradually become part and parcel of our evangelical identity. Yet today the failure to love God with our minds as well as our hearts is not only a sin - it's a crippling cultural handicap in an age when ideas have greater consequences than ever. Os Guinness traces the retreat of the evangelical mind and the dumbing down of evangelicalism through popular culture. But this book goes beyond mere analysis. It is a strong call for reformation of yet another place where evangelicalism is not evangelical enough.ISBN: 0801038707

Found, God's Will
Find the Direction & Purpose God Wants for Your Life
 By: John MacArthur

Many Christians struggle with the question, "What is God's will for my life?" Well-known Bible teacher John MacArthur answers this question in this short book, first published in 1973 and later revised in 1977. Drawing from Scripture, MacArthur discusses six principles that illuminate God's will in the life of every believer.ISBN: 156476740X

From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man
A Layman's Guide to How We Got Our Bible
 By: James B. Williams, ed.

The current controversy over the Bible's text and translations is creating confusing division within the ranks of fundamentalism. A mass of misinformation fuels the debate. Scores of men realize the enorous errors being popularized but hesitate to engender further debate by speaking out. ISBN: 1889893382

From Third World to First
The Singapore Story: 1965-2000
 By: Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew presided over the transformation of Singapore from a fractious and squalid colonial backwater into one of the shining jewels of Asia. In less than half a century, through complex and ingenious economic and social engineering, Singapore has melded a multi-ethnic, multi-racial population into a thriving, safe and incredibly productive society that boasts the world's #1 airline, the busiest maritime port, nearly nonexistent unemployment, and a lower infant mortality rate than the United States. In this highly anticipated volume that chronicles the social and economic triumphs that made headlines around the world, Lee Kuan Yew reveals the strategies that made him one of the world's most powerful elder statesmen, and takes a hard look at the burgeoning economic and political might of China and its portents for the future.ISBN: 0060197765

Future Israel
Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged
 By: Barry E. Horner
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“This is by far the best treatment of Israel’s future I have found. It’s a welcome antidote to the widespread apathy and confusion that have clouded this vital prophetic question. I found it clear, persuasive, thoroughly biblical, and difficult to put down. Future Israel should be required reading for every pastor, seminarian, and student of Bible prophecy.” ISBN: 9780805446272

—John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church, and President, The Master’s College and Seminary.
*Future Israel is Volume 3 in the NAC Studies in Bible and Theology. Also available: God’s Indwelling Presence and Believer’s Baptism.

 By: J. Carl Laney

A well-respected professor of theology writes this volume in the Swindoll Leadership Library. Concentrating on the person and character of God, Laney leads the reader into a deeper appreciation of the God he serves and how to know Him better. It also includes a special Answers to Tough Questions chapter. ISBN: 0849913683

God in the Dock
 By: C.S. Lewis

Lewis, who considered himself a layman writing for other laypeople, had a unique ability to make the essential truths of Christianity understandable to any audience. His amazing gift for communication made him one of the most well-read and effective Christian apologists of the twentieth century. God in the Dock is one of the best looks at the broad spectrum of Lewis' apologetic efforts, as it is a compilation of 48 essays and 12 letters on topics as varied as science and Christianity, religion, Christmas, and more.
This book is divided into four sections. Section one contains essays that are considered purely theological, including "Christian Apologetics," "Myth Become Fact," "The Trouble with 'X'..." and many others. Section two contains essays which are, in the words of Hooper, "semi-theological," including "Dangers of National Repentance," "On the Reading of Old Books," "God in the Dock" and others. Section three is primarily ethical essays, including "First and Second Things," "The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment," "Xmas and Christmas" and others. Section four includes 12 of Lewis' letters, in the order they were published in various publications.

Eminently practical, and always focused on the reality of living Christianity well, God in the Dock stands as one of the best defenses of Christianity made by Lewis. Its broad spectrum shows Lewis to be, as Hooper states in the preface, "the most thoroughly converted man I have ever met," for there was no aspect of Lewis' life that was untouched by his Christian faith. This collection of essays and letters can help make that true of your life as well.ISBN: 0802808689

God in the Wasteland
The Reality of Truth in a World of Fading Dreams
 By: David F. Wells

David F. Well's award-winnig book No Place for Truth---called "a stinging indictment of evangelicalism's theological corruption" by TIME magazine---woke many evangelicals to the fact that their tradition has slowly but surely capitulated to the values and structures of the modern world. In God in the Wasteland, Wells continues his work on a biblical antidote to the modernity that has invaded today's church.ISBN: 0802841791

God's Empire
William Bell Riley and Midwestern Fundamentalism (History of American Thought and Culture)
 By: William Vance Trollinger

This book traces the life and ministry of William B. Riley and Fundamentalism in the Midwest.  ISBN: 0299127109

God's Passion for His Glory
 By: John Piper

Piper passionately demonstrates the relevance of Jonathan Edward’s ideals for personal and public life of the evangelical. Edwards proclaimed that God’s ultimate end is the manifestation of His glory in the highest happiness of His creature. His relentless God-centeredness and devotion to the biblical contours of doctrine are desperately needed in our day. ISBN: 1581340079

God's Word in Our Hands
The Bible Preserved for Us
 By: James Williams

Is my Bible really the Word of God? Do I have what God gave to His penmen? Can I really have God's Word in my language? This historical, biblical, and theological facts demand affirmative answers to these vital questions. Pastors, who are also missionaries, Bible translators, and college and seminary professors, express the conviction that God has providentially preserved His Word. The great commission given by Jesus Christ necessitates the perpetuity of God's revelation. The Scriptures exist and will continue to exist for the proclamation of the gospel and the transformation of lives. The facts that assure us that we can trust our Bible are presented in a manner that will benefit both pulpit and pew.ISBN: 1889893870

God, Marriage, and Family
Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation
 By: Andreas J. Kostenberger

We live in a time of crisis regarding marriage and the family, and only by a return to the biblical foundation can these institutions be rebuilt. To provide an integrated, biblical treatment of the full range of marriage and family issues, the authors of God, Marriage, and Family examine what Scripture says about God’s purposes for humans in their marriage and family interactions. Their examination covers the special issues stemming from marriage, childrearing, singleness, homosexuality, and divorce and remarriage. With study questions and points for further discussion, this book is a comprehensive yet concise resource for anyone seeking a Scriptural response to our culture’s complex challenges to God’s intentions for marriage and family.ISBN: 1581345801

God’s Lesser Glory
 By: Bruce A. Ware

Open theism, which denies that God can foreknow free human choices, dishonors God, distorts Scripture, damages faith, and if left unchecked, destroys churches and lives. Its errors are not peripheral but central. Bruce Ware provides a loving, informed, penetrating, devastating critique of this profoundly injurious teaching.ISBN: 1581342292

Great Divorce
 By: C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis takes us on a profound journey through both heaven and hell in this engaging allegorical tale. Using his extraordinary descriptive powers, Lewis introduces us to supernatural beings who will change the way we think about good and evil. In The Great Divorce C.S. Lewis again employs his formidable talent for fable and allegory. The writer, in a dream, finds himself in a bus which travels between Hell and Heaven. This is the starting point for an extraordinary meditation upon good and evil which takes issue with William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. ISBN: 0060652950

Habits of the Mind
Intellectual Life as a Christian Calling
 By: James W. Sire

Are Christians called to the intellectual life? Arguing that Jesus was the smartest man who ever lived, Sire explores the moral and spiritual dimension of the mind and encourages you to develop intellectual disciplines and virtues that will further God's kingdom. For thoughtful Christians who want to love God with their heart, soul, and mind. 252 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.ISBN: 0830822739

Hearts of Iron, Feet of Clay
 By: Gary Inrig

If ever a verse of the Bible has the ring of the 21st century, it is the motto of the times of the judges of ancient Israel: "Everyone did what was right in how own eyes." When everyone around us is doing right in his own eyes, how does the Christian keep on track, doing what is right in the Lord's eyes? Solid answers to that question are found in the Old Testament book of Judges--a book written about another time or moral and spiritual anarchy. God has something very practical and contemporary to say to us through the book of Judges. Through it you will discover the great principles God reveals about His work in His people--and what it means to live a powerful life in the middle of a society that is increasingly hostile to the disciples of the Lord Jesus.ISBN: 1572931655

Hell on Trial
The Case for Eternal Punishment
 By: Robert A. Peterson

Probably the best evangelical book on the theological arguments sustaining the biblical teaching that eternal punishment will be conscious and never ceasing. Peterson is Lucid, full in meaning, and careful to argue knowledgeably as he looks at the Old Testament Passages, gospel key verses, apostles' witness (epistles), church history, etc. He has strong chapters verses universalism and annihilationism, and shows how one's stand does matter. —Dr. James Rosscup The Master's Seminary. ISBN: 0875523722

High-Church Baptists in the South
The Origin, Nature and Influence of Landmarkism
 By: James E. Tull and Morris Ashcraft

More than any other group, Landmarkers trumpet Baptists as being the one true New Testament church. This volume is a revision of Tull’s influential 1960 dissertation (A History of Southern Baptist Landmarkism in the Light of Historical Baptist Ecclesiology), edited and with a preface by Morris Ashcraft. Tull’s death in 1989 left the revised work unfinished. Ashcraft put finishing touches on the manuscript, including a preface which casts the Landmark (or “High-Church”) movement in light of the current Southern Baptist fundamentalist controversy. This highly-readable volume traces the manner in which Landmarkism led many Baptists to equate the local Baptist church exclusively with the Kingdom of God, and any “affiliations” outside the local Baptist church – within or without Baptist life – as Antichrist. Scholarly yet straightforward, High-Church Baptists is well-documented and serves as an excellent introduction to the birth and lasting influence of Landmarkism in Southern Baptist life.

In this book, Tull explains fully the teachings of Landmarkism. The movement's founders, James R. Graves, James M. Pendleton, and A. C. Dayton, articulated their ideas in the 1850s, shortly after the Southern Baptist Convention organized in 1845. The name derives from Pendleton's book, An old Landmark Reset (Nashville, 1854). Landmarkers believed that Baptists alone constituted the true church and that all other churches were merely "religious societies" (p. 19), that the church is local only and has no universal expression in the New Testament, and that a succession of Baptist churches could be traced back to the New Testament. They refused to invite non-Baptist ministers into their pulpits, to accept baptisms from other denominations, or to open communion to nonmembers. But Tull shows that Baptists had not traditionally held these views. Early Baptists believed in the universal church, recognized true churches in other denominations, believed that non-Baptist ministers administered valid ordinances, and held faith, not baptism, to be the basis for church membership. James R. Graves, says Tull, "was uninformed" (p. 60). Tull makes a persuasive case that Landmarkism was a new ultraconservative and exclusivist interpretation of the Baptist faith.

This book helps those who wants to understand the mindset that oft hampered the mentality, spirituality and ministry effectiveness amongst Independent Baptist movement in Singapore. ISBN: 0-86554-705-X

Holy Spirit
 By: John F. Walvoord

This book on the Holy Spirit is the outgrowth of lectures on the topic given in Dr. Walvoord's classes at Dallas Theological Seminary. Over the years, this book has aroused considerable interest and gone through 23 printings in hardcover before prompting this new paperback edition. The Holy Spirit is an extensive treatment of the entire doctrine of pneumatology, using some 1500 Scripture citations, and is designed for theological students and pastors as well as for laypeople desiring to get a complete presentation of the third person of the Trinity who indwells all Christians. This book is an extensive treatment of the entire doctrine of pneumatology, using some 1,500 Scripture citations, and is designed for anyone desiring to get a complete presentation of the third person of the Trinity who indwells all Christians.ISBN: 0310340616

How Long, O Lord?
 By: D.A. Carson

Carson combines a careful expositon of Scripture passages on pain and evil with helpful pastoral applications to both prepare Christians for difficulty and help them in the midst of it. He offers an accurate and wise consideration of suffering under God's sovereignty that will clarify your own thnking---and strengthen your heart.ISBN: 0801031257

How Should We Then Live?
The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture
 By: Francis A. Schaeffer

In How Should We Then Live? Francis Schaeffer analyzed the reasons for modern society's state of affairs and presented the only viable alternative: living by the Christian ethic, acceptance of God's revelation, and total affirmation of the Bible’s truth, morals, values and meaning. ISBN: 1581345364

How to Read a Book, Revised
 By: Mortimer Jerome Adler

This book has now been updated. This respected guide to reading comprehension takes you through the processes of skimming; summarizing content; criticizing an author's writing fairly; and using different techniques for reading practical books, imaginative literature, plays, poetry, history, science, mathematics, philosophy, and social science. Ideal for high schoolerws, college-bound students or anybody who simply wants to read! 426 pages, softcover from Touchstone.ISBN: 0671212095

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth
 By: Gordon Fee, Douglas Stuart

Enjoy God's Word to the fullest! This classic reader-friendly manual explains the different kinds of biblical literature---such as prophecy, Gospels, poetry, and history---so you can get the most from them. The revised third edition includes an updated list of recommended resources and a new section on the Song of Songs. ISBN: 0310246040

How to Watch TV News
 By: Neil Postman

Academic Postman ( Amusing Ourselves to Death ) and television newsman Powers (of Fox Five in New York) offer a brief, helpful analysis of America's most popular news source. In a sober but accessible style, the authors address theoretical issues, such as the difficulty of portraying nonvisual abstractions (for example, a new scientific theory) on televison, and describe the selling of the news through techniques such as the "tease" and the formation of an on-air "pseudo-family." They reveal how stories originate--often from newspapers and press releases--and show how difficult it is for harried reporters to provide substantive news. The most provocative chapter analyzes the inherent biases and limitations in both language and pictures. The authors conclude with several none-too-radical pieces of advice, including the suggestion that parents seek ways to have schools train children in watching TV news. Regrettably, the authors don't discuss the role of TV criticism or what television news does well. Further, the book would have been much richer if Powers had included anecdotes from his career and reflected from his own experience on in-house decision-making. ISBN: 0140132317

Humanity and Sin
 By: Robert Pyne

Another installment in the Swindoll Leadership Library, this book presents a general audience level look at man and sin. Attention is given to the origin and fall of man to the effects of sin on man. The book ends with the solution to man’s plight. ISBN: 0849913721

Ideas Have Consequences
 By: Richard M. Weaver

From the Publisher:  In what has become a classic work, Richard M. Weaver unsparingly diagnoses the ills of our age and offers a realistic remedy. The world, he asserts, is intelligible, and man is free. The catstrophes of our own age are the product not of necessity but of unintelligent choice. A cure, he submits, is possible. It lies in the right use of man's reason, in the renewed acceptance of an absolute reality, and in the recognition that ideas - like actions - have consequences. ISBN: 0226876802

In The Beginning
 By: Alister McGrath

In the sixteenth century, to attempt to translate the Bible into a common tongue wasn't just difficult, it was dangerous. A Bible in English threatened the power of the monarch and the Church. Early translators such as Tyndale, whose work greatly influenced the King James, were hunted down and executed, but the demand for English Bibles continued to grow. Indeed it was the popularity of the Geneva Bible, with its anti-royalist content, that eventually forced James I to sanction his own, pro-monarchy, translation. Errors in early editions--one declared that "thou shalt commit adultery"-Puritan preferences for the Geneva Bible initially hampered acceptance of the King James, but it went on to become the definitive English-language Bible. This absorbing history of a literary and religious masterpiece explores the forces that led to the decision to create an authorized translation, the method of translation and printing, and the central role this version of the Bible played in the development of modern English. Honest reader will realize that this KJV translation was borne out of political agenda than noble intentions.

Is God Really in Control?
Trusting God in a World of Terrorism, Tsunamis, and Personal Tragedy
 By: Jerry Bridges

“Through his writings, Jerry Bridges has become a pastor to my soul. Here, with his usual profound simplicity, he gives a biblically balanced perspective on the hard questions of human suffering and the sovereignty of God. ‘Is God Really in Control?’ will comfort those who mourn and help hurting people understand the ways of God.” —Philip Graham Ryken, Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church. *This thoroughly revised version of ‘Trusting God’ includes new material and discussion questions. ISBN: 1576839311

Jesus Under Fire
Modern Scholarship Reinvents the Historical Jesus
 By: Michael Wilkins, James P. Moreland

Who Is Jesus? What did he do? What did he say? Are the traditional answers to these questions still to be trusted? Did the early church and tradition "Christianize" Jesus? Was Christianity built on clever conceptions of the church, or on the character and actions of an actual person? These and similar questions have come under scrutiny by a forum of biblical scholars called the Jesus Seminar. Their conclusions have been widely publicized in magazines. "Jesus Under Fire" challenges the methodology and findings of the Jesus Seminar, which generally clash with the biblical records. It examines the authenticity of the words, actions, miracles, and resurrection of Jesus, and presents compelling evidence for the traditional teachings. The purpose of this book too is to help readers judge for themselves whether the Jesus of the Bible is the Jesus of history, and whether the gospels' claim is valid that he is the only way to God. ISBN: 0310211395

Justification of God
 By: John Piper

This study was conceived as an attempt to understand how Paul defends the righteousness of God in Romans 9:14-23. It involves a broad effort to grasp what Paul means by the righteousness of God and raises the question of election and predestination. ISBN: 0801070791

Keep a Quiet Heart
 By: Elisabeth Elliot

Peace and quiet—to many of us they're just words. Somehow we have allowed the frenetic pace of life to rob us of the quiet, restful moments with God we so desperately need. Keep a Quiet Heart features the rich devotional musings of one of America's favorite authors and points the way to a deep experience with God, away from the unsettling distractions of day-to-day living.ISBN: 0800759907

Knowing God
 By: J.I. Packer

There's a difference between knowing God and knowing about God. When you truly know God, you have energy to serve him, boldness to share him, and contentment in him.This is a paper edition of the 20th anniversary printing. A well-known and regarded look at God and His work, this is vintage Packer. The book is more devotional and personal, often compelling in regard to spiritual growth. ISBN: 083081650X

Law and Grace
 By: Alva J. McClain

McClain’s work is a helpful presentation of the relation of the Moasic Law to the Christian. The view is classic Dispensational. Ideal for the layman who wants a clear and well-argued statement of the believer’s freedom from the Mosaic Law and the sufficiency of God’s grace. ISBN: 0884690016

Let Me Be a Woman
 By: Elisabeth Elliot

The author combines her observations and experiences in a number of essays on male-female relationships. In these days of conflicting demands and cultural pressures, what kind of woman do you wish to be? How should you respond? What should you think? Elisabeth Elliot is one of Christiandom's most able and articulate writers. In this profound and moving book she presents her unique perspective. Now married a third time after losing two husbands through death, she offers golden insights which apply to the single, the married, and the widowed.These notes on womanhood, written to her daughter Valerie a few weeks before Val's marriage, are a gift of lasting worth for all Christian women.ISBN: 0842321624

Let the Nations Be Glad
 By: John Piper

Piper challenges the reader to a God-centered emphasis on missions. Unlike most missionary emphasis on souls alone as the reason for missions, Piper brings us back to a theocentric concern - the glory of God as the fuel that drives missions outreach.ISBN: 080102613X

Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome
 By: Kent & Barbara Hughes

Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome is for anyone in ministry facing the disappointment of unmet expectations. As the authors recount the biblical lessons that turned their life around, others will learn to reexamine their understanding of success in light of Scripture. ISBN: 0842328491

Living by the Book
 By: Howard G. Hendricks & William D. Hendricks

Personal Bible study should challenge you to look deeper into the Bible. To practice bible study methods, you must know them. Hendricks walks you through effective Bible study methods that will redirect you from a mundane to a motivated study of the Word of God. This is also a great tool for training others in your church, which increases their biblical understanding and will change their lives!ISBN: 0802408168

Losing Our Virtue
Why the Church Must Recover Its Moral Vision
 By: David F. Wells

Wells loudly throws down the gauntlet to the evangelical church in this perceptive analysis of our culture in crisis. Painting a vivid description of society's moral and spiritual confusion, he explains how the church can regain its effectiveness and influence in our postmodern world. A challenging look at social reform vs. spiritual transformation.ISBN: 0802846726

Love Your God With All Your Mind
The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul
 By: James Porter Moreland

The mind plays an important role in Christianity. Unfortunately, many of us leave our minds behind when it comes to our faith.

In Love Your God with All Your Mind, J.P. Moreland presents a logical case for the role of the mind in spiritual transformation. He challenges us to develop a Christian mind and to use our intellect to further God's kingdom through evangelism, apologetics, worship, and vocation. "This exploration into the mind of evangelical Christianity is one of the most courageous books of our time. In language that is thoroughly erudite but compassionate, theological but practical, and scriptural but entirely relevant to today, the author presents the deeper significance of Paul's plea to the Christians at Phillipi: 'Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.'" -D. James Kennedy, Ph.D., senior minister, coral Ridge Presbyterian Church ISBN: 1576830160

Loving God with All Your Mind
 By: Elizabeth George

In Loving God with All Your Mind Elizabeth George explores six powerful Scripture passages to help you handle daily life, hard-to-understand situations, and difficult emotions. Learn to live one day at a time without worry or anxiety. ISBN: 0736913823

Making Sense of the Trinity
3 Crucial Questions
 By: Millard J. Erickson

In Making Sense of the Trinity, Erickson demonstrates the biblical foundation, logic and importance of the Trinity. Erickson's unique efforts illustrate various historical teachings concerning the Trinity and compare them with what the Bible says about the subject. In addition to demonstrating the Trinity's biblical basis, Erickson points out how the doctrine makes sense and makes a difference in our faith.  When explored with thoroughness and faith, the doctrine of the Trinity has much to teach us about the essence of God as well as our relationship with one another. ISBN: 080106287X

Mere Christianity
 By: C.S. Lewis

Arguably the 20th century's most influential Christian writer, C.S. Lewis sought to explain and defend the beliefs that nearly all Christians at all times hold in common. His simple yet deeply profound classic, originally delivered as a series of radio broadcasts, is a book to be thoroughly digested by believers and generously shared with skeptics.ISBN: 0060652926

New Testament Exegesis
A Handbook for Pastors & Students
 By: Gordon D. Fee

This is a textbook for doing exegesis. It provides an extensive bibliography for picking reference tools, and guides the student in the exegetical process covering issues like word studies, syntactical analysis and background material.ISBN: 066425442X

No One Like Him
The Doctrine of God
 By: John S. Feinberg
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Many contemporary theologians claim that the classical picture of God painted by Augustine and Aquinas is both outmoded and unbiblical. But rather than abandoning the traditional view completely, John Feinberg seeks a reconstructed model—one that reflects the ongoing advances in human understanding of God's revelation while recognizing the unchanging nature of God and His Word. Feinberg begins by exploring the contemporary concepts of God, particularly the openness and process views, and then studies God's being, nature, and acts—all to articulate a mediating understanding of God not just as the King, but the King who cares! ISBN: 1581348118
***Part of the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. 880 pp. Hardcover.

No Place for Truth
Or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology?
 By: David F. Wells

Written expressly to encourage renewal in evangelical theology, this book explores the interface between Christian faith and the modern world in entirely new ways and with uncommon rigor.This sweeping analysis examines the collapse of theology in the church, the academy, and modern culture, raising profound questions about the future of conservative Protestant faith.ISBN: 080280747X

Not by Chance
 By: Layton Talbert

Have you ever been tempted to think that a loving God is not the one in control of your life? Survey God's providence in the pages of the Bible, consider examples of His rule over history, and translate the practical reality of His providence into the here and now. Layton Talbert draws from Old and New Testament examples of people and events that prove the continuous and loving intervention of God in every circumstance in the believer's life. ISBN: 1-57924-639-7

On Being a Pastor
 By: Derek Prime and Alistair Begg

Originally published under the title "Pastors and Teachers", Alistair Begg combined with the author Derek Prime to revise and expand this essential work. As Al Mohler comments in the foreword "[They] are two seasoned pastors armed with biblical truth, theological conviction, and practical insight. In 'On Being a Pastor', these faithful ministers share their hard-earned wisdom, combining personal testimony with solid theologically grounded reflections... This book belongs in the hands of every pastor and theological student preparing for the ministry. There is a wealth of wisdom in these pages, and a real education between these two covers. This book will call every pastor to a higher standard of service—and an even greater joy in this great calling." ISBN: 0802431208

One Bible Only?
Examining the Claims for the King James Bible
 By: Roy Beacham & Kevin T Bauder, editors

The debate over the varacity of modern translations of the Bible continues to create confusion in the minds of believers who know that Scripture lies at the heart of the Christian faith. Yet many don't understand why some believers insist that the King James Version is the only accurate translation of the Bible. "King James Only" proponents claim it is the only choice for those who want the "inspired" Scripture as their guide for faith and practice. Pastors and church members alike need solid, sensitve answers to the ongoing questions they confront in ministry regarding the KJV. This honest examination of the "King James Only" position offers a balanced and scholarly presentation of the issues based on biblical and historical evidence. The authors, each associated with Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota, address the issues of origin, textual variant, and fallibility by drawing on the best curent scholarship. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Contributors; Preface - The Richness of Scripture; Introduction; The Background and Origin of the Version Debate; The NT Text and the Version Debate; The Preservation of Scripture and the Version Debate; Translation Theory and 20th Century; An Appeal to Scripture; Frequently Asked Questions in the Translation Controversy; Fundamentalism and the KJV Only Position; The Translators to the KJV; The Address of Thomas Armitage at the Founding of the ABU with an Introduction by Kevin T. Bauder; Bibliography. ISBN: 0825420482

Only One Way?
 By: Richard Phillips (Editor)
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Only One Way? guides us unerringly through the contemporary world of religious pluralism and points us to Jesus Christ alone as ‘the Way, the Truth, and the Life.’ Grasping the central truth that the Christian gospel is unintelligible apart from the uniqueness of Christ, these pages expound it in a variety of insightful ways. Here are six scholars and pastors boldly upholding the only kind of Christianity worthy of the name.”
—Sinclair B. Ferguson, Senior Minister, The First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC. ISBN: 9781581348019

*Contributors include: David F. Wells, Peter R. Jones, Philip Graham Ryken, J. Ligon Duncan, and D. A. Carson.

Passion and Purity
Learning to Bring Your Love Life Under Christ's Control
 By: Elisabeth Elliot

In Passion and Purity, Elisabeth Elliot emphasizes the need to commit daily to Christ all matters of the heart and to wait upon Him. She teaches this often painful yet rewarding discipline by candidly tracing her love story with Jim Elliot as evidence that she has been there. Through letters, diary entries, and memories, she shares the temptations, difficulties, victories, and sacrifices of two young people whose commitment to Christ took priority over their love for each other. Passion and Purity gives honest direction in such areas as: loving passionately while remaining sexually pure, whether or not to marry, who is the right one, the man's and woman's role in relationships, how far is too far physically, and putting God's desires ahead of personal desires.ISBN: 0800758188

Paul, Apostle of God's Glory in Christ
A Pauline Theology
 By: Thomas R. Schreiner

     Every serious student of the New Testament and of Christian theology must come to grips with the apostle Paul. In Paul, Apostle of God's Glory in Christ, Thomas R. Schreiner gives us a sound and insightful exposition and assessment of Paul's theology that is well-geared to the needs of seminary students and working pastors.    
     While thoroughly informed by the issues of contemporary Pauline studies, he offers an account of Paul's theology that is relatively unburdened by scholarly trappings but deals directly with the matter.
"The goal of writing a Pauline theology," he says, "is to unearth Paul's worldview and to present it to contemporaries. Our task is not merely to reproduce Paul's thinking on various topics but to rightly estimate what is most important in his thinking and to set forth the inner connections between the various themes." ISBN: 0830828257

Paul, Apostle of the Heart Set Free
 By: F.F. Bruce
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Among the many books on Paul and his theology, this classic text remains an indispensable resource. Bruce not only deals with Paul’s thoughts, but also brings the historical and cultural context to light, providing a rich history of Paul’s life, travels, and work.ISBN: 0802847781

Postmodern Times
A Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought & Culture
 By: Gene Edward Veith

     The modern era is over. Assumptions that shaped twentieth-century thought and culture, the bridges we crossed to this present moment, have blown up. The postmodern age has begun.
     Just what is postmodernism? The average person would be shocked by its creed: Truth, meaning, and individual identity do not exist. These are social constructs. Human life has no special significance, no more value than animal or plant life. All social relationships, all institutions, all moral values are expressions and masks of the primal will to power.

     Alarmingly, these ideas have gripped the nation's universities, which turn out today's lawyers, judges, writers, journalists, teachers, and other culture-shapers. Through society's influences, postmodernist ideas have seeped into films, television, art, literature, politics; and, without his knowing it, into the head of the average person on the street.
     Christ has called us to proclaim the gospel to a culture grappling with postmodernism. We must understand our times. Then, through the power that Christ gives, we can counter the prevailing culture and proclaim His sufficiency to our society's very points of need.
     "While pundits wring their hands over the radicalism of political correctness, speech codes, and outrageous art, Gene Edward Veith takes unerring aim at the intellectual roots of it all. The most important book for anyone who wants to know what's behind the political correctness movement." --Chuck Colson, founder, Prison Fellowship.ISBN: 0891077685

Principles & Practices for Baptist Churches
A Guide to the Administration of Baptist Churches
 By: Edward T. Hiscox

Edward T Hiscox’s Principles & Practices for Baptist Churches is an indispensable guide to the administration of Baptist churches. It contains wealth of information that is also applicable to churches that follow an independent or congregational church polity. Published in the 1800s this book has seen numerous reprinting and no Baptist polity book have ever surpassed the comprehensiveness and wisdom that Hiscox shared with the pastors. Hiscox wisely refute the notion of succession theory and rightly asserted that a church’s right to exist depends on its possession, not succession, of apostolic doctrines. ISBN: 0-8254-2860-2.

Prophetic Untimeliness
A Challenge to the Idol of Relevance
 By: Os Guinness

Never have Christians tried to be so relevant. But never have Christians ended up so irrelevant. Why? Why do so many compromise in the face of modern pressure? Prophetic Untimeliness is a hard-hitting critique written with a deep love for the church that explores why Christians compromise in today's time-oriented culture. Author Os Guinness offers constructive suggestions for living with integrity and challenges readers to work out what it means to be faithful without being trivial or trendy. With a creative approach, Guinness calls Christians to become "untimely people" - people who are faithful despite the mesmerizing lure of the present age. Only by such untimeliness, he says, can Christians speak with integrity and wisdom in a world that is hungry for some truly good news.ISBN: 0801065607

Quest for Love
 By: Elisabeth Elliot

In Quest for Love, Elliot shares many letters she has received regarding her book Passion and Purity. She includes her responses, in which she reminds the reader of the concepts of commitment, integrity, honor, and servanthood as she applies them to being single and dating today. ISBN: 0800756053

Ready to Restore
 By: Jay E. Adams

 This is Biblical Counseling for the layman. Adams has adapted much of the material from his more technical counseling books for home Bible study and college level class use. He offers a definition of counseling and presents some methods, tips, and basic principles for helping others. ISBN: 0875520707

Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood
A Response to Evangelical Feminism
 By: John Piper and Wayne Grudem, editors

Since the Fall, sin has clouded the clearly defined roles of men and women as outlined in Scripture—notable through the modern feminist movement. Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood challenges the church to come back to the divine design for men and women, and to enjoy the harmony that comes when we seek to please the Lord in all things. It presents the reader with a biblical view of manhood and womanhood and a framework in which to fulfill the master design of our awesome Creator! ISBN: 0891075860

Reforming Fundamentalism
Fuller Seminary and the New Evangelicalism
 By: George Marsden

Marsden's purpose is to show that the history of Fuller (founded 1947) clarifies the evangelical movement it was designed to serve. Reveals how a fundamentalist institution whose move from separatism to engagement with mainline Protestantism, and its attempt to define biblical inspiration in a critical age combine to make it a microcosm of contemporary evangelicalism. Desires for acceptance by the secular world inevitably leads to its compromise.

The Gospel Of God’s Grace
 By: Alva J. McClain

There are two approaches to Romans that McClain takes “first he breaks down the text as first, justification; second, faith; and third, life.” There are two thrusts in the book of Romans, “The just shall live by faith,” and “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.” The first being the text of Romans and the second being the theme of Romans. It is from these two focal points that the exposition of Romans will be drawn. ISBN: 0884690806

Safe in the Arms of God
Truth from heaven about the death of a child
 By: John MacArthur

From the backcover: "This is the most important question a grieving parent can ask. And even if the little one is someone else's child, the issue remains: what happens to children - those unborn, stillborn, or youngsters - when they die? Can you hope to see them again? Can you let go of your fear and guilt? Can God's love soothe a wound so jagged? With scriptural authority and the warmth of a pastor's heart, bestselling author John MacArthur examines the rbeadth of the entire Bible and reveals in this compeling bok the Heavenly Father's care for every life." ISBN: 0785263438

Salvation to the Ends of the Earth
 By: Andreas J. Kostenberger and Peter T. O'Brien

Missions are linked inextricably to humanity's sinfulness and need for redemption, and to God’s provision of salvation in the person and work of Jesus Christ. This “good news” of salvation must be made known! The saving mission of Jesus constitutes the foundation for Christian missions, and the Christian gospel is its message.ISBN: 0830826114

Screwtape Letters
 By: C.S. Lewis

Wormwood, a demon apprentice, has been given his first earthly assignment---secure the damnation of a young man who's just become a Christian. He seeks the advice of an experienced devil---his uncle Screwtape. Their correspondence discloses the psychology of temptation from the other side. Invaluable insights on temptation, pride, the power of prayer, and the ultimate victory of faith over the forces evil.ISBN: 0060652934

Scripture Twisting
 By: James W. Sire

How often have you encountered some bizarre doctrine only to be stunned to hear a Bible verse quoted to support it? Scripture Twisting examines twenty types of reading errors characteristically made by cultists as they interpret the Bible. By doing this, Sire helps us guard against error and become better readers of the Scriptures. ISBN: 0877846111

Shadow of the Almighty
 By: Elisabeth Elliot

This beautifully written and moving memoir of the martyrdom of Jim Elliot and four other missionaries at the hands of the Auca Indians in Ecuador has inspired Christians since its first publication in 1958. Elisabeth Elliot makes full use of Jim's revealing diaries to fill in the details of a life "hid with Christ in God." Her portrait of a man who was utterly committed is a timeless testament to the mercy and majesty of the Almighty.ISBN: 006062213X

Shepherding a Child's Heart
 By: Tedd Tripp

This is a book on parenting, and the author's premise is that all training begins from the heart. Right behavior must stem from the heart, and that outward conformity does not mean inward obedience. It's a helpful book for parents seeking biblical insight in bringing up their children for God's glory. Highly recommended.ISBN: 0966378601

Still Sovereign
Contemporary Perspectives on Election, Foreknowledge, and Grace
 By: Thomas R. Schreiner & Bruce A. Ware, eds.

Scripture says that God is sovereign over all things, yet we have free will to determine our actions. So to what extent is God supreme? In this masterful examination of the sovereignty of God, 13 respected scholars help you understand the full authority of the Lord---and explain how to apply this knowledge to your life. Previously published as two volumes: The Grace of God and The Bondage of the Will.ISBN: 0801022320

Strengthening Your Marriage
 By: Wayne Mack

Whichever term describes your marriage, there are ways to make it (even) better. That?s because God has designed marriage to be a relationship of deep unity and strength. Despite the challenges that couples face today, marital harmony need not be considered an impossible ideal.

Wayne A. Mack recognizes the challenges before us, and shows us how to meet those challenges with growing success. In this book, he has gathered a wealth of biblical insight and practical information on marital roles, communication, finances, sex, child rearing, and family worship. Both as a counseling aid and as a guide for husbands and wives to study together, this book offers true hope and help where couples need it most. ISBN: 0875523854

Systematic Theology
 By: Louis Berkhof

Written in a concise style and organized in a manner ideal for detailed study, Systematic Theology covers the full range of systematic loci including the doctrines of God, anthropology, Christology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology. The work also includes an extensive bibliography and full indexes to the authors, subjects, and Scriptures referenced in the text. Revised and enlarged throughout his lifetime until it reached its final form, Systematic Theology not only stands as Berkhof's magnum opus, but also is widely considered to be the most important twentieth-century compendium of Reformed theology. ISBN: 0802838200

Systematic Theology
 By: Augustus H. Strong

Theologically conservative and homiletically attuned, Strong's has been the classic work for generations of evangelical students. It's vast in scope yet meticulously detailed, copiously indexed, and cross-referenced. Strong served as president of Rochester Theological Seminary from 1872 to 1912, and greatly influenced Baptist thought and theology. ISBN: 0817001778

Systematic Theology
 By: Charles Hodge

The magnum opus of one of America's most prominent theologians offers an in-depth exploration of theology, anthropology, soteriology, and eschatology. This monumental work, now a standard for theological students, was written while Hodge served as a professor at Princeton, where he permanently influenced American Christianity as a teacher, preacher, and exegete. Includes a comprehensive index. ISBN: 1565634594

Taking Flight
Wisdom for Your Journey
 By: Elisabeth Elliot

Looking for trustworthy words to offer young adults as they go out into the world? Treat them to the wisdom and faithful insights of popular author Elisabeth Elliot! In this collection of excerpts from her bestsellers, Elliot embraces timeless virtues such as chastity, trust, obedience, and love for God. Beautiful photographs of nature grace each page. 96 pages, hardcover from Baker.ISBN: 0801011809

The Surrender of Culture to Technology
 By: Neil Postman

Neil Postman is one of the most level-headed analysts of education, media, and technology, and in this book he spells out the increasing dependence upon technology, numerical quantification, and misappropriation of "Scientism" to all human affairs. No simple technophobe, Postman argues insightfully and writes with a stylistic flair, profound sense of humor, and love of language increasingly rare in our hastily scribbled e-mail-saturated world. ISBN: 0679745408

The Abolition of Man
 By: C.S. Lewis

Is education primarily about reading and writing, or should it also strive to develop morality? In his inimitable and eloquent style, Lewis offers three essays that reflect on society and nature and seek to persuade readers of the necessity of instilling within our students universal values such as honor and courage. As relevant today as when it was first published 60 years ago. ISBN: 0060652942

The Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
 By: Merrill F. Unger

This is one of the older works that is still very helpful in understand these issues. The book offers a helpful look at each biblical account of Spirit baptism in depth, but is not designed for research on the spiritual gifts in particular. ISBN: 0802404677

The Bible in Translation
Ancient and English Versions
 By: Bruce M. Metzger

The Bible has been translated more often than any other piece of literature, with several languages having numerous versions. Outlined here is the history of Bible translation, including a careful analysis of more than fifty versions of the Bible. One of the most respected living biblical scholars, Bruce Metzger begins this engaging survey with the earliest translations of the Old and New Testaments before proceeding to English versions dating from the eleventh century to the present. Metzger explores the circumstances under which each translation was produced and offers insights into its underlying objectives, characteristics, and strengths. Since the author has served on a number of Bible translation committees, his knowledge of the evolution of the Bible translation flows not only from careful research but also from personal experience.ISBN: 0801022827

The Bible Knowledge Commentary: New Testament
 By: John F. Walvoord & Roy B. Zuck

Have you ever wondered what a phrase or word would mean in Hebrew or Aramaic? Now with the help of this commentary you have some help. What about Bible-time customs and how did they impact the writing of a particular passage? Apparent contradictions are examined and explained. This is a verse by verse commentary with minimal exegetical information available. This commentary is mainly practical information for the layman. If you want the basic meaning and understanding of a passage this is the commentary for you. ISBN: 0882078127

The Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old Testament
 By: John F. Walvoord & Roy B. Zuck

Have you ever wondered what a phrase or word would mean in Hebrew or Aramaic? Now with the help of this commentary you have some help. What about Bible-time customs and how did they impact the writing of a particular passage? Apparent contradictions are examined and explained. This is a verse by verse commentary with minimal exegetical information available. This commentary is mainly practical information for the layman. If you want the basic meaning and understanding of a passage this is the commentary for you. ISBN: 0882078135

The Canon of the New Testament
 By: Bruce M. Metzger

Is the canon still open? Which form of a text is canonical? Is the canon a collection of authoritative books or an authoritative collection? Dr. Bruce Metzger, tackles these questions, discusses the pressures that led to the fixing of the canon, and gives detailed attention to both Western and Eastern texts including the Syrian, Armenian, Georgian, Coptic, and Ethiopian. This book completes his New Testament trilogy.

The Christian View of Man
 By: J. Gresham Machen

Machen was a staunch defender of the faith, standing firm on the conservative front against liberalism. His small, but very well written work on anthropology and sin is ideal for personal use, or in a Bible study discussion on the nature of man and the effects of the fall. ISBN: 0851511120

The Church in God's Program
 By: Robert Saucy

Saucy offers a solid analysis of the NT teachings about the doctrine and practices of the church. Well researched and careful exposition, the book offers the reader the opportunity to study the oft misunderstood doctrine called ecclesiology.Saucy’s book has been around for a while but is a good textbook, well researched, and ideal for the student or pastor. Dispensational in perspective, the book covers the identity of the church, its organization, ordinances, and worship. ISBN: 080241544X

The Cross of Christ
 By: John R.W. Stott

Winner of the ECPA Gold Medallion for Theology and Doctrine, this classic work from Stott is available once more—now including a study guide—to help yet another generation dig deeper into the precious truths concerning ‘The Cross of Christ.’ “There are not many ‘must read’ books—books that belong on every minister’s shelf and on the shelves of thoughtful laypersons who want a better grasp of what is central in Scripture—but this is one of them.” —D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. 380 pp. Hardcover. 20th Anniversary Edition. IS: 083083320X

The Discipline of Grace
 By: Jerry Bridges

It is by grace that we are saved, but it doesn't stop there. Grace is also crucial to the growth of a Christian. Without a clear understanding of the gospel and grace we can easily slip into a performance-based lifestyle that bears little resemblance to what the gospel offers. ISBN: 0891098836

The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment
 By: Tim Challies

Spiritual discernment is not limited to identifying doctrinal errors in a church context. As we face a daily deluge of worldly philosophies promoted by secular media, it is essential to be able to separate error from truth. The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment will help Christians cultivate greater biblical wisdom and understand the steps necessary to practice godly discernment in all kinds of settings and situations. ISBN: 9781581349092

“Tim Challies is uniquely qualified to write on this subject. I don’t know of a more reliable or more prolific commentator on the contemporary evangelical scene. The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment is a truly important work—one that should be required reading not only for church leaders, but for all sober-minded laypeople as well.” - John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church

“The path to most biblical graces is bordered with hazards on both sides of the way. With the subject of this book—discernment—one can fall into the ditch of careless naiveté on the left or wander into the dark woods of a critical spirit on the right. Tim Challies carefully guides his reader between these dangers and on toward Christ-like discernment. I’ve simply never read a more thorough, practical, and biblically sound treatment of this subject.”   —Don Whitney, Senior Associate Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The Dividing Line
 By: Mark Sidwell

Sidwell establishes the meaning of separation and discusses in terms that laymen can understand easily.  Recommended reading for those who are interested in this subject matter. ISBN: 1-57924-074-7

The Divine Comforter
The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
 By: J. Dwight Pentecost

Written with a warm and passionate desire to know the person and work of the Holy Spirit better, this book emphasizes the work of the third Person in light of His ministry as our Comforter. It’s ideal for general level reading. ISBN: 0825434564

The Divine Conspiracy
 By: Dallas Willard

In The Divine Conspiracy, Willard gracefully weaves biblical teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship, and spiritual practice into a tour de force that shows the necessity of profound changes in how we view our lives and faith. Willard refutes this "fire escape" mentality by exploring the true nature of the teachings of Jesus, who intended that His followers become His disciples, and taught that we have access now to the life we are only too eager to relegate to the hereafter. The author calls us into a more authentic faith and offers a practical plan by which we can become Christ-like. He encourages faith by embracing the true meaning of Christian discipleship.ISBN: 0060693339

The Doctrine of the Church
A Baptist View
 By: John Thornbury

The author writes with the view of debunking Landmarkism's assertion that there is no universal church.  Thorough in its explanation and focused in its writing. 

The Doctrines of Grace
 By: James Montgomery Boice, Philip Graham Ryken

There is no question that we live in an age of weak theology and casual Christianity. We have substituted intuition for truth, feeling for belief and immediate gratification for enduring hope. Evangelicalism desperately needs to return to the doctrines that once before reformed the world: radical depravity, unconditional election, particular redemption, efficacious grace and persevering grace. James Boice and Philip Ryken not only provide a compelling exposition on these doctrines of grace, but also look briefly at their historical impact. The authors leave no doubt that the church suffers when these foundational truths are neglected and that she must return to a Christianity that is practically minded, kind hearted, and most importantly, biblically based. ISBN: 1581342993

The Economics and Politics of Race
An International Perspective
 By: Thomas Sowell

Using an international framework to analyze group differences, Thomas Sowell conducts a significant study of how much of racial groups' economic fate has been determined by society and how much by internal patterns identified in the same group worldwide.An itneresting and thoguht provoking book fro those who are interested in cross-cultural studies. ISBN: 0688048323

The Forgotten Trinity
 By: James R. White

This is a nice book for the pastor or layman. White’s engaging style and personal prose makes this crucial issue both interesting and refreshing. The book also makes a nice resource for apologetics when addressing those cultic aberrations of this central doctrine of the Christian faith. ISBN: 1556617259

The Gagging of God
 By: D.A. Carson

This book is a clear, scholarly, and biblical response to pluralistic ideas so common today. It affirms the need for the gospel’s exclusive message, points out the ramifications of pluralism as it has penetrated the evangelical camp, and affirms a thoughtful look at how to evangelize in a postmodern generation.ISBN: 031024286X

The God Who Justifies
 By: James R. White

The history of the Christian church pivots on the doctrine of justification by faith. Once the core of the Reformation, the church today often ignores or misunderstands this foundational doctrine. Theologian, James White calls believers to a fresh appreciation of, understand of, and dedication to the great doctrine of justification and then provides an exegesis of the key Scripture texts on this theme. ISBN: 0764222880

The Gospel According to Rome
Comparing Catholic Tradition & the Word of God
 By: James g. McCarthy

When the Catechism of the Catholic Church broke onto the N.Y. Times bestseller list, its astonishing success confirmed the overwhelming interest of Catholics and Protestants in understanding modern Catholicism. Has the recent openness among denominations affected Catholic teachings? In the new spirit of cooperation, is there any reason why Catholics and Protestants should remain divided? James McCarthy answers these questions and more. ISBN: 1565071077

The Greatness of the Kingdom
An inductive study of the kingdom of God as set forth in the Scriptures
 By: Alva J. McClain

This inductive study of the kingdom of God takes a canonical look at every reference to the kingdom in Scripture. Attention is given to different views and definitions of the kingdom, with emphasis on the prophesied mediatorial kingdom. Hailed as a masterpiece of pre-millennial theology, this is an essential volume for understanding dispensationalism. ISBN: 0884690113

The History of Christian Doctrine
 By: Louis Berkhof

Berkhof traces the great movements of thought within the church from the apostolic fathers to the last century, on such doctrines as the Trinity, the Person of Christ, Sin and Grace, the Atonement, the Church, the Sacraments, and the Last Things. 288 pgs. ISBN: 0851510051

The Holy Spirit
 By: Charles C Ryrie

Ryrie covers all the main issues concerning the Third Person of the Trinity and offers his usual concise and clear exposition of theological matters. Helpful charts and two new chapters round out this revised edition. ISBN: 0802435785

The Invisible Hand
Do All Things Really Work for Good?
 By: R.C. Sproul

In a world steeped in anguish and evil, how can God be in control? Do all things really work for good? With head-on honesty and biblical insight, Sproul examines the difficult doctrine of divine providence. Discover how your Lord lovingly guides the events of your life without creating human wickedness or destroying human freedom.ISBN: 0875527094

The King James Only Controversy
Can You Trust The Modern Translations?
 By: James R. White

It was the first Bible widely available to the English-speaking world and it has been trusted by Christians for generations. Now it's the center of an emotional debate where ''King James Only'' advocates charge that today's modern versions change vital doctrines. In this sober analysis, White refutes their claims, explaining the debate's basic concerns and the importance of textual criticism. Studying Scripture central to the controversy, he gives you a clearer understanding of this highly charged issue.

The King James Version Debate
 By: D.A. Carson

The King James Version Debate is the first book-length refutation of the view that the KJV is superior to contemporary translations written for both pastors and laypeople. The author concisely explains the science of textual criticism since the main premise advanced by KJV proponents is the superiority of the Greek text on which it is based. After showing the problems with this premise, the author refutes the propositions that: 1) the KJV is the most accurate translation 2) it is the most durable; 3) its use of the Old English forms makes it the most reverent; 4) it honors Christ more than do other versions; 5) it is most easily memorized; 6) it is most suitable for public reading. Concluding the book is an appendix in which, on a more technical level, the author answers W.N. Pickering's "The Identity of the NT Text," the most formidable defense of the priority of the Byzantine text yet published in our day.

The Meaning & Use Of Baptizein
 By: Thomas Jefferson Conant

Probably one of the comprehensive and best study of the word baptizo.  Perhaps the non-immersionists would revise their stance if they read it objectively. ISBN: 0825423198

The Meaning of the Millennium
Four Views
 By: Robert Clouse

Prof Clouse has brought together four proponents of the four major millennial views:each view has had both a long history and a host of Christian adherents through the years. George Ladd presents historic premillennialism. Hoyt writes on dispenstional premillennialism. Boettner retired theologian discusses the postmillennial view. And finally Hoekema describes the amillennial position. After each essay the other three writers respond from their own perspective. This book is a debate among key Christian scholars on the meaning of the millennium.ISBN: 0877847940

The Measure of a Man
 By: Gene A. Getz

Here is one of our more popular books on being a godly man, this is written by an author familiar with the biblical traits of true godliness and holy living. It makes a good book for personal study or group discipleship of those Christian virtues to be exemplified in godly men. Howard Hendricks says, "Seldom have I seen any book make the personal impact in so many men as this one has." ISBN: 0830734953

The nature of the church
A Biblical & Historical Study
 By: Earl D. Radmacher

A comprehensive study of the nature of the Church.  Every Christian interested in knowing what constitutes a NT church ought to read and invest in one copy. 

The New Covenant Ministry of the Holy Spirit
 By: Larry D. Pettegrew

One of the most difficult areas of biblical theology is that of how the ministry of the Holy Spirit differs from the Old Testament to the New Testament…. [Pettegrew] will certainly give all readers much to provoke them to a deeper and better understanding of what God's Word teaches about this vital subject. —John MacArthur Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church.  ISBN: 0825435544

The Path of Loneliness
 By: Elisabeth Elliot

Loneliness is one kind of "dying" most of us learn about sooner of later. Far from being "bad" for us, a hindrance to spiritual growth, it may be the means of unfolding spiritual "blossoms" hitherto enfolded... In God's economy, whether He is making a flower or a human soul, nothing ever comes to nothing. The losses are His way of accomplishing the gains. (Excerpt from Chapter 10).ISBN: 080075994X

The Peacemaker (Revised & Updated)
 By: Ken Sande

This biblical guide for resolving personal conflict is now in its third edition. It has been so helpful to the church that it is strongly endorsed by well known figures such as J.I. Packer, John Piper, Jay E. Adams, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Paul David Tripp, and Al Mohler. Full of Biblical and practical advice, this is a fantastic tool for pastors and Christian leaders alike! ISBN: 0801064856

The Postmodern World
Discerning the Times and the Spirit of Our Age
 By: Millard J. Erickson

Is postmodernism harmful, beneficial--or even indifferent to Christianity or society? Before we can determine this, we must know what postmodernism is and how it is influencing everything about our lives. Using current events and everyday illustrations, the "dean of evangelicalism" offers a lively discussion on postmodernism's characteristics and its effect on popular culture, education, entertainment and Christianity. In this way, Erickson helps readers better understand and interact with the world around them and gives people the tools to respond more wisely, believe more certainly and discern more soundly. ISBN: 1581343426

The Potter's Freedom
 By: James R. White

The Potter’s Freedom presents a clear and cogent response to Norman Geisler’s misnamed “moderate Calvinism” view propounded in Chosen But Free. In the book’s preface, Phil Johnson writes “Dr. White has produced one of the finest explanations of the doctrines of grace and the sovereignty of God that has seen publication in recent years.” ISBN: 1879737434

The Providence of God
 By: Paul Helm

Providence is the point at which theologians and the broader Christian community find their most intense conversations. Questions about God's activity in the world today, his guidance of believers, human freedom versus divine will, the place of prayer in the workings of his will, his responsibility for evil-all of these are related to his providence. How we think about these issues is deeply related to our understanding of God and of hwo we should serve and worship him. Part of the Contours of Christian Theology series, this volume tackles the issues of God’s sovereignty and responds to the current debate over the “openness” of God. Topics include prayer, risk, the problem of evil, and man’s response to God’s providence. ISBN: 0830815333

The Pursuit of God
 By: A.W. Tozer

In the muddle of day-to-day life, have you somehow forgotten that Christianity is a living, vibrant relationship with a personal God? Tozer reminds you, and challenges you to renew your relationship with the loving God. In each of 10 chapters, he explains one aspect of waiting on God, and ends with a prayer.ISBN: 0875093663

The Pursuit of Holiness
 By: Jerry Bridges

“Be ye holy, for I am holy”, “Be holy for without holiness no one will see the Lord”. These are serious commands from our Lord that will be followed by serious believers. Holiness involves being consecrated to the Lord’s service and thus being separated from the commonplace—and most importantly, sin. In 'The Pursuit of Holiness,' Bridges deals largely with putting off the “old self”—addressing sin in our lives. This is a classic that is a must for every Christian’s personal library. ISBN: 157683932X

The Race Set Before Us
A Biblical Theology of Perseverance and Assurance
 By: Thomas R. Schreiner & Ardel B. Caneday

The New Testament often describes the Christian life as a marathon, a race set before us. But what exactly is the prize? Do all those completing the race share in it? And can the prize be lost? Tackling these and other vexing questions, this book a serious, exegetical wrestling with the biblical understanding of the nature of saving faith and its implications for the people of God. ISBN: 0830815554

The Roman Catholic Controversy
 By: James R. White

This book addresses the current trend to affirm a unity between Roman Catholics and Protestants. White is one of the foremost apologists for the essential Christian doctrines like justification and sola scriptura. He cuts through the fog of confusion and lays out a clear demarcation between these two groups. ISBN: 1556618190

The Singapore Story
Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew
 By: Lee Kuan Yew

Visionary? Authoritarian? Model for the West? Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the long-time leader of Singapore, has been called all these things, and more. In these vivid memoirs, Lee takes a profoundly personal look back at the events that led to Singapore's independence and shaped its struggle for success. And, as always, he lets the chips fall where they may.In intimate detail, Lee recounts Singapore's unforgettable history. You'll be with Mr Lee as he leads striking unionists against the colonial government; shares tea and rounds of golf with key players in Britain and Malaya; and drinks warm Anchor beer with leaders of the communist underground at secret midnight meetings. From British colonial rule through Japanese occupation in World War II, Communist insurrection, riots, independence -- and the struggles that followed -- few political memoirs anywhere have been this blunt, or this fascinating.Anyone interested in the political history of Singapore, Asia, and the modern world. ISBN: 0130208035

The Trinity: Evidence And Issues
 By: Robert Morey

ISBN: 0529106922

The Truth War
Fighting for Certainty in an Age of Deception
 By: John MacArthur

“[The postmodern age] is the age of no truth, an age that has reached a point of deadly fatigue when it comes to facing the truth—a generation that no longer believes truth can be known. Dr. John MacArthur knows better, and he is armed with the courage to confront this age with a bold defense of truth…. His argument is compelling, his defense of truth is brilliant, and his concern for the church is evident on every page. The evangelical church desperately needs this book, and it arrives just in time.” —R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  ISBN: 9780785262633

The Ultimate Priority
 By: John MacArthur

For the Christian, nothing is more important than worship. It must be personal before it is public, and therefore this book is not about worshiping in the church. 'The Ultimate Priority' is a call to a radically different type of living that seeks to worship God continually, according to a biblical pattern, with your thoughts, words, and life-style. ISBN: 0802401864

The Universe Next Door
A Basic Worldview Catalog, Fourth Edition
 By: James W. Sire

In this increasingly pluralistic age, it's vital that Christians equip themselves to understand competing worldviews. Sire's thorough, easy-to-understand introduction can help. His clear non-technical explanations of Christian theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern pantheistic monism, New Age philosophy, and postmodernism will guide young believers in defending their faith against other belief systems vying for their minds and hearts. 259 pages, softcover from InterVarsity. ISBN: 0830827803

The Vanishing Conscience
 By: John MacArthur

In this compelling book, John MacArthur sounds a wake-up call for Christians to boldly confront society's flight from moral responsibility and recognize sin for what it is. The bestselling author of The Gospel According to Jesus, MacArthur claims that we have become a people who shift blame, deny guilt, love self and excuse moral failure in this compelling book. The result is diminished integrity and the loss of our ability to experience God's grace and forgiveness. This explosive book presents biblical solutions to the problem of sin, and leads readers from a life of blame and denial to the true peace and freedom.ISBN: 0785271813

The Virgin Birth
 By: Robert Gromacki

A defense of the virgin birth of Christ.  Highly recommended. ISBN: 0825427460

There Really Is a Difference!
A Comparison of Covenant and Dispensational Theology
 By: Renald Showers

Beginning with the biblical covenants, Showers shows how Dispensational and Covenantal theologies are diametrically opposed and do indeed determine more than one’s view of the future. Written in a easy and personal manner, this book will help those looking for definition in what it means to think like a dispensationalist. ISBN: 0915540509

Things to Come
 By: J. Dwight Pentecost

Because of the prominence of prophecy in Scripture, many excellent books have appeared dealing with prophetic subjects. However, the treatment has often been either apologetic or expository in nature, which has left prophetic themes to be developed individually apart from their relation to the whole revealed prophetic program. Thus, much of our knowledge has remained only fragmentary and unrelated. Dr. Dwight Pentecost's monumental work, Things to Come, has changed this situation dramatically. In this detailed and highly successful study, Dr. Pentecost has synthesized the whole field of prophecy into a unified biblical exposition, arriving at a systematic and complete biblical eschatology. Things to Come offers a comprehensive and accessible presentation of biblical prophecy for pastors, scholars, and interested laypersons who want to know more about this fascinating subject.ISBN: 0310308909

Think Biblically!
 By: John MacArthur

This book encourages Christians to "think biblically"—to distinguish which voices lead toward a godly life and which lead astray, to embrace a mind-set absolutely and exclusively dedicated to an understanding of the world based on biblical truth. The authors discuss the outworkings of that worldview in issues of postmodernism, gender, worship, psychology, science, education, history, government, economics, and the arts and literature. Each writer also suggests resources for further study. This book will prove to be helpful to anyone striving to think biblically in today’s culture. ISBN: 1581344120

Through Gates of Splendor
 By: Elisabeth Elliot

In January 1956, a tragic but inspiring story broke in headlines across the world. Five young men had dared to make contact with a Stone Age tribe deep in the Jungles of Ecuador. The goal: to establish communication with a people whose only previous response to the outside world had been to attack all strangers. The men's mission combined modern technology with innate ingenuity, sparked by a passionate determination to get the gospel to a people without Christ.ISBN: 0842371516

To the Golden Shore
The Life of Adoniram Judson
 By: Courtney Anderson

On February 19, 1812, Ann and Adoniram Judson sailed from Salem aboard the brig "Caravan" as two of the first missionaries to go out from North America. Watching the shoreline disappear from view, they could not have foreseen the impact of their journey on the future of the Christian world mission or on the thousands of men and women who would follow in their footsteps. After a short stay in India, they carried the Good News of Jesus Christ to the golden shore of Burma. Drawing on letters and church records, Courtney Anderson paints a poignant portrait of Judson's early life in dealing with the conflict between his desire for material success and the inner call to serve God. This book will greatly impact your life as a Christian. ISBN# 0-8170-1121-8.

Tragedy of Compromise
The Impact of New Evangelicalism
 By: Ernest D. Pickering

With all of the praise heaped upon the New Evangelicalism by secular and liberal sources, the movement has seriously compromised the biblical principles inherited from its fundamentalist forefathers. Furhtermore, like a car without brakes careening down a mountainside, New Evangelicalism has sped headlong into accommodations with un Christian philosophies and standards that make even the founding fathers of the movement draw back. It illustrates the degradation that results from religious compromise.ISBN: 0890847576

Transforming Grace
Living Confidently in God's Unfailing Love
 By: Jerry Bridges

This title addresses the grace of God and the believers need to live confident in it not just at the point of salvation, but throughout the Christian life. It make a great book for aiding personal growth and being reminded of blessings we have from the God of grace Himself. ISBN: 0891096566

Trusting God
Even When Life Hurts
 By: Jerry Bridges

Adversity is hard to understand and endure. If God were really in control, why would he allow a tragic accident or a crucial job loss? Born out of an effort to strengthen his own trust in God during a time of adversity, Bridges book will benefit anyone struggling to trust God. ISBN: 0891096175

Twelve Ordinary Men
 By: John MacArthur

Contrary to popular belief, we do not have to be perfect to do God’s work. Look no further than the twelve disciples whose many weaknesses are forever preserved throughout the pages of the New Testament. Jesus chose ordinary men—fisherman, tax collectors, political zealots—and turned their weakness into strength, producing greatness from utter uselessness. In Twelve Ordinary Men pastor MacArthur draws principles from Christ’s careful, hands-on training of the original twelve disciples for today’s modern disciple—you.ISBN: 0849917735

Understanding & Applying the Bible
 By: Robertson McQuilkin

A solid introduction to the ins and outs of biblical hermeneutics, without the intimidation that often accompanies this subject. With the help of this revised edition, pastors, students and laypersons need no prior knowledge of biblical exegesis to create their own Bible commentaries.ISBN: 0802490913

Understanding End Times Prophecy
A Comprehensive Approach
 By: Paul N. Benware

Many Christians think of end times prophecy as a gigantic intimidating puzzle – difficult to piece together and impossible to figure out. But every puzzle can be solved if one approaches it the right way.

Paul Benware helps the reader to piece together the puzzle in a simple yet not shallow format. Filled with appropriate diagrams and charts along with a framework of biblical covenants, Benware ably guides the reader and enable him to see the big picture regarding God’s program for the end times. A good book to add to one’s personal library. ISBN: 0802490778

Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism
 By: George Marsden

Presenting a historical overview of fundamentalism and evangelicalism in America, this volume has been developed from a number of studies undertaken by George Marsden during the 1980s in efforts to understand the recent resurgence of these two movements. It is designed for a wide range of readers, providing both an introduction to these topics and a deeper analysis of important themes. While the term "fundamentalist" has in the last century become a rather specific self-designation -- the majority of fundamentalists are separatist Baptists -- evangelicalism has experienced diverse growth and expanded into a much broader category made up of numerous subgroups: holiness churches, pentecostals, traditionalist Methodists, Baptists, Presby terians, black churches in all these traditions, Mennonites, and Churches of Christ are just some of the most prevalent types. Despite their striking diversities, these groups share con siderable common history; for example, all have to some degree become outsiders to sophisticated modern culture, and all are part of a recent evangelical resurgence. Several additional overarching themes come into focus as Marsden illuminates our current understanding of these movements by looking at the past. This book examines two such themes that have been especially prominent and controversial in these traditions: views of science and views of politics. In both cases Marsden centers his analysis on the views of self-styled evangelicals or fundamentalists who have led efforts to organize either of those related movements as national coalitions. George Marsden is professor of the history of Christianity in America at the Divinity School, Duke University. He is the author of numerous books and articles on fundamentalism and evangelicalism.ISBN: 0802805396

Understanding Spiritual Gifts
 By: Robert Thomas

Currently, there is much controversy concerning the role of spiritual gifts. First Corinthians 12-14 is focal point of the debate. This thorough study of spiritual gifts will help Christians understand their God-given gifts and how they should use those gifts in the church. Thomas explains each gift, examining them in the light of the Word. He also deals with the issues concerning the source, purpose, and nature of spiritual gifts. Understanding Spiritual Gifts will give readers new insight into how their gifts can be used for God's glory and service.Dr. Thomas, noted professor at The Master’s Seminary, helps the reader weed through this difficult passage. After reading this book, you’ll know how spiritual gifts should operate within the church.ISBN: 0825438292

War of Words
 By: Paul D Tripp

Have you ever wondered how a "nice" person like you could be so misunderstood, even hurtful? Tripp gets right to the heart of our communication problems and shows how the gospel changes the way we understand and solve them. Learn to bless others with your speech and in so doing, be blessed yourself. ISBN: 0875526047

What Is Faith?
 By: J. Gresham Machen

In What Is Faith? Machen addresses one of the most fundamental questions about the Christian gospel. In his graceful style he expounds the biblical teaching on faith, combining the solid content of the truth with the personal challenge of the gospel.ISBN: 0851515940

What's Wrong with Same-Sex Marriage?
 By: James Kennedy, Jerry Newcombe

Kennedy and Newcombe use Scripture to show what God says about homosexuality and marriage. They also examine statistics and case studies that dispel many of the myths about homosexuality. They appeal to us to make an organized response to same-sex marriage—while maintaining a loving attitude toward homosexuals as human beings.

These days it’s not “politically correct” to say that homosexuality is wrong. But it’s not culture’s responsibility to determine right and wrong. There is only one Authority who can do that, and it is up to us to stand behind His Word. ISBN: 1581346638

When People Are Big and God Is Small
Overcoming Peer Pressure, Codependency, and the Fear of Man
 By: Edward Welch

It seems that people in churches are more concerned about the opinions of others and not about the truth of the Word of God. The fear of man dictates the way many people live their lives. Ed Welch puts his finger on this chronic problem in the church. His book is clear and convicting both for the counselor and the counselee. Jay Adams says this of Welch’s work, “I know of no other book that so fully deals with the fear of man and its baneful effects. A must read for counselors.” ISBN: 0875526004

Worldviews in Conflict
Choosing Christianity in a World of Ideas
 By: Ronald H. Nash

This world is a battlefield in the arena of ideas. The prize is the heart and mind of humankind. In this book, Ronald Nash (Faith and Reason) outlines the Christian way of looking at God, self, and the world. He holds that worldview up against the tests of reason, logic, and experience, particularly discussing the problems of evil and the alleged "nonsense" of the historic Christian doctrines and of Jesus' incarnation and resurrection. He finds the Christian worldview sound and urges Christians to equip themselves intellectually to defend the faith on that battlefield. He particularly hits the attractions to our generation of Naturalism and the New Age movement, pointing out their weaknesses and pitfalls as well as those of older worldviews. "Christian theism", he writes, "is a system that commends itself to the whole person"; but he stresses that a great difference exists between "belief that" and "belief in." ISBN: 0310577713

Your Family God’s Way
 By: Wayne Mack

This book offers biblical insight and practical wisdom in two areas of family relationships: communication and conflict resolution. Wayne Mack examines why families fight and explains the key to turning family discord into concord. It includes success stories and highly practical application questions to give hope and direction. ISBN: 0875523587

The Miraculous Story of Triumph over the Holocaust
 By: Elwood McQuaid

This 2001 Gold Medallion Book Award Finalist is the compelling and true story of how a 10-year-old Jewish boy survives the Holocaust, finds life-transforming faith in the Messiah, and becomes God’s man on the streets of Jerusalem. It is a story you’ll find difficult to lay down. Experience the history of modern Israel from 1948 to the present through the eyes of Zvi, a miracle man in a miracle land. 352 pp. Softcover. ISBN: 0915540665